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THE ENQUIRER CINCINNATI, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1938 10 NEW POST Taken At College Kentucky Deaths Of llihlc In Lexiiinfiin IlvDr. S.. I. Corn . Full-Time Duties Are To Be Assumed December 15 By Indiana Man. Lexington, Ky.. September Dr. Stephen Jared Corey, President of the College cif nev. thr MI!S. AMANDA K. KOIiKRS. fiporci'lnn-n. Kv.. Scritoniher 20 i iFpiclaIi-Mrs. Amanda Elizabeth Rogers, 62, wife of Pen G. Rnbin-1 Clj l' ,n, died yesterday at her home in ()f Stamping Ground after a linRerir.g illness. Besides her husband, hc is survived by three daughter. Mrs. R. S. Wigglnton, Georgetown ,,,,,,, Mis. Katie Bell Wigginton and Mrs. Elmer Riddle, both of Stamp ing Ground; one sister, Mrs. Jack un!1hle Ferrell, Falmouth; one brother Thomas F. Rogers, Frankfort; one half-brother, W. W. Rogers, Corin'h. and three grandchildren, Catherine. Doris, and Geneva Wigginton Funeral services will be tomorrov afternoon at the .Stamping Ground Baptist Church, conducted by Re CIRMJITJURY Still Is In Session. Cincinnati Attorney Expires ; Once Supreme Court Judg CLUB GIRLS C 'Awarded 22 Ribbons 'r;,!:iCrSQUAD in shape For Friday's Opener KIKwiek Amiit llelilicraliiiii (liarim Willi sl.nins Fricnil. I,, n: (.; r T ri : Ml- I ii.ii; Catiettsbuig, Ky September 20 A Boyd Circuit Court petit jury, to agree after f nil I Rev. E. D. Davis, pastor of thi Stamping Ground chuich. Burial will be in the Masonic Cemetery at Stamping Ground. MRS. SAI.I.IK I.VN.V Georgetown Funeral services were conducted today at the grave in the Swilzer Cemetery for Mrs.; Bible, was installed at a ceremony George Childress of Ix)Uisvillc and conducted tonight at the Central Christian Chuich. Dr. Coiey. no-Art esident of the United Christian Missionary Society, Indianapolis. Ind., will not assume full-time duties at the Iexintgon school Until Decemher IS. Dr. A. W. Foilune, pastor of Central Christian Chuich, who is a member of the faculty of the College of the Bible, delivered charges ! to Dr. Corey and Dr. Myron Tag-; gait Hopper, who was installed a.s Alexander Campbell Hopkins professor of religious education. Roth men made responses. The installation prayer was offered by Rev. W. G. Eldrcd, Law-J renceburg, who is a member of the gchool's Board of Trustees. Dr. Lewis J. Shetrill, dean of the and one-half hours' deliberation this afternoon in the case of Clyde FJswick, 2i years old. Brooklvn. N. Y., indicted for '.he alleged willful murder of Kstel Littleton at Boyd County, was placed under special guard until Wednesday morning, 9 o'clock, when they will resume deliberation. Evidence in the ease included eight witnesses, four for the prosecution and four for the defense. Littleton, 32, Armco employee, who had been living at the home of his wife's parents. Mr. and Mis. R. A. Elswick, died last Juno as I Cincinnati's legal profession lost .a vacancy on the Ohio Sut.ieme (Mllninic one of its most prominent and 'Court. capable members early yesterday J. uara was married in ISPS' when Joseph W. O'Hara died at his Col.mJi"6 T' Hazen- daughter of home. 509 Oak Street. Hazen Thcresa- Kcl0 The seventy-five-year-old attorney ; t o u at one time nerved on the Ohio!. " o was a membrr and Supreme Court bench and on the'nati nil a Pres!dent of the Cincm-r j - j. ui I nal1 ar Association. He also he d Luaiu ui r.uucauuii. ma ulfl was .. . ...u ...I..-.! M.J. .. by an illness of three . A,,"7H,"'n American . m me .Association, the Ohio Bar Associa- Kentucky State Fair at Louisville nun, me uwyer'i Club, the Due- .., ,2 ribhona. according to Mi Hunter, Alexandria, Camp- home demonstration Kcnliicky Slule Fair 4. H Member Of Mel hii nine Heads List Of Winners. Campbell County 4-H Club girl Winners were: in me eariy pan 01 nis career. Mr. imorninsr In St vi .i u c- O'Hara practised alone in recent amoic Street.' Burial will be in years. In 1912 he was appointed to Spring Grove. Sallie Lynn, who died yesterday at the result of two bullet wounds in: the home of her daughter, Mr.. mg head which he received while Nancy Maxwell, Harriman, Tenn. slttjng alone with Claude Elswick Mrs. Lynn, whose home was in on tn(! front porch of the Elswick Switzer, had been visiting her home. daughter. She had been ill foi several months. HETTY I.OL I'HK'K. Muysville - Special) Betty Lou Price, 6. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elswick denied having made threats against his brother-in-law to his sister, he further denied making a statement that he was "going" to get Littleton because he was living a life of ease with Richard Price, died of diphtheria at his. Elswick's parents. her parents' home at Salem Ridge, in the county. The highlight of today's evidence Frankfort Kv . Sentembe.- -XV- Earlier in the month came when the prosecution placed T . . . Loui.ville Presbyterian Theological hhade te ,m uananer. speoia, agent, on u. fo, one week the hear- prcceded weeks. . m L,.n.nau' .AU.U" worth; S . a .ho tne son or Vvlliiam Austin and Queen City Club Rulh u'""1011' ",a In addition to his widow Mr 'bell County was district counsel for the Homei O'Hara lov. i , wm0:,, Owners Loan Corporation at the i ? H'J. i?av.e" . a . broth1 W .lliam 'agent. , , . , . . 1 vi"', ana tnree s strrs Julu1 lime of his drath. r rvw,.0 t- J , A . . " j . Mr. O Hara was educated in Cin- j Mr TnnU Jr vv u i Cannint; 1'ntt No. 1, Marjorle Hfrinser, Cinnti havin heen eraduatPrt f m.J rv V right. All live in .ral.fomm, bine rihhon; l nit 1. Anna U,n cinnaii, nainrt heen giaduated fiom Cincinnati except Mrs. Wright, who ; H,unr, Cahmmia, bhie rihbo,,; jar or Mugnes High benool and from the Uvea in Iowa i tomato wuvt, Ruth Henncpr. California. Cincinnati Law School. Although Rpnnif-m mi, i. hiue rihbon,:, Jfir nf t()r"ai.. juice, Mary OB . . . enrntnl , -uumi Kequiem high mass will be in- HrrirKer, California, red ribbon; tar of associated with several law firms itonnri fnr M- rvu tnnc n.-. Ruth Hpri(1Pr n r.hhn- jar ui in"i, Aiiiiucin pi numnnn, nouin-atp. re1 rlbbnn; jar ofKrape jplly. Misf Schuni.'tnri, red ribbon : Jar of Mra wherry jirpservos, Virctnta Nietinif, Melbourne, red nhooti; jir of baby heeta, Miss Niehof, rel nbiici. : Jar ol vhole tomatoes. Miss Nl-bnf, hlue ribbon: Jar of whole tomatoes. Visa Niehnf, red ribbon ; jar of peaches, Misi Niehnf, blue ribbon. Knit Nn. 5, Misa Nelhof, hlue ribbon. The unit consisted of four Jam of fruit, fux Jara nf vegetables, one Jar of soup mixture, two jara of meat, one jar of tomato Juice, one Jar of preserves, one jar if pirkles, and two glasses "f Jelly. nothing- Towel and pit holder, Hilda Plummer, California, hlue rihhon; Unit No. 1. dress, June You t spy. A lexanrtria, yellow ribbon; pajamas. Kdith Thatcher, Alexandria, yellow ribbon; Unit No. 11, dress. Martha Jane Fillhardt, Melbourne, hlue ribbon (this dress was selected to renre- as the date for the formal jsent Kn'lL'ky in the National 4-H Club . i-oiimrcs in lie iiriu in iiiivrinorr). dedication of the new Sigma Alpha Room improvement Antique piece of fp .. - . i . I furniture repaired or refinished, Miss Nei I''i iinicuiuy nouse at, iiiami noi, red rmoon: curtains for girls room, TTwiuo.-eit,, i-uj 1 i Miss Neihof, blue rihbfjn; room accessories, UniveiSlty, Completed last spring - MM Neihof, hlue ribbon, and Unit No. 1, on Ta awandfl Rnnri it wn no.!recora DOO- ni'nor, niue riDnon TRIAL DELAYED In Faction Argument Dedication Day Set For New Frat Home 1 ' , y X 4 Ml ' SI'KCIAL Dlsrvn-H 10 THE B.vgclIlEn. Oxford, Ohio, September 2 itfimpinminor T a . r 'NTn..n.Kn.. (5 U n .. juiifre riHies rur "Ml-in-l nun been set St'Illcincnt Of Fifthl Over Klt'ftion Cniiiiiiissioiicr. riiiiiieii y . Ill Ills tn jnuiiv txa x I i:ni- ... , r, ,, , ..... i, i u . .u. . narenta she is survived bv three Gall.'iher told the jury that he Ut'Il l ui me AUiri Kdll iiKauiHi It'll ' n r, a . , . a i- i . Drotners. caaie joe. o itov. i. nemu mt; uMenuams laihi OLiiuui.-.. ut:nv ini . . . ' , , of Theological ptcetings from other schools oi theology. Before the ceremony, representatives of other schools and organizations who had come to Lexington to attend the installation wcie guess of the College of the Bible Allen, one year. Funeral services were conducted at the graveside in the Mayslick Cemetery today at 2 o'clock. vise his son to change his story. B. II. IIOKXBACK. Shelbyville (Special) B. H. ing on a suit over appointment of Dixie McKinley as Democratic Election Commissioner of Fayette He further told the jury that he County. heard Elswick say "no one on that Artiery explained he hoped the court knows what happened but j Barkley and Chandler factions in mo." In asking the jury, com-j Fayette County might reach an posed of eight men and four agreement between themselves in women, to impose the death sen- the interim. fence. Commonwealth Attorney E. j The suit was filed by Joe Smith i mittee. Poe Harris described the Littleton ; and Thomas Mooney of Fayette! The it was an nounced today. Speakers at the ceremonies, which will follow the homecoming football game with Ohio University, will be Dr. A. H. Upham, Dr. A. C. Wickenden, A. K. Nippert, Cincinnati, and Don Bishop, representing1 the local chapter. Marvin Clark, Middletown, is General Chairman of the Dedication Com et a complimenary dinner at the Hornback, 57, stale highway em- . .. .. . - ithe Kings Daughters Hospital of slnVing as one of the most "cold-1 County, Chairmen respectively of 0e c rw i jst mr i r nrn'lT effects of an operation .Sunday fol-. u '" ' " ' ' DANCF. AWAY DEFICIT: i.,.inn .irfen. .t Onvik when Attorney John M. Waugh, house is modeled after lowing L . U1I-J.J k... U. PARTY BALL PLANNED lights of an automobile at First and : f'in.R between hJjl7"',nd Snty;aiomZ Sulgve Manor ,n Ed! fense counsel, de-; Ijegislativc Districts. stressed friendly i to compel the State Board of Eicc-the two men and '. tion Commissioners to rescind ar.- Goodman Avenue and stepped in;' that it was not a case of murder, pointment of McKinley and to make the path of a switching freight Frankfort. Ky., September 20 - train. He is survived by his wife. (API Announcement that a dance Mis. Pearl Estes Hornback; three will be given for Capitol employees IdaiiKhtors. Mrs. Krankie .Metis. Mrs. and others Friday night, the pro-'j. D. Wright, and Miss Elizabeth ceeds to go toward paying Governor j Hornback. and two brothers, Ernest! A. B. Chandler's campaign fund de-;anf noy Hornback. Funeral serv-! firit was made today. irPS wjij be rnnducted Thursday. The dance will be one of a series but of accident sponsored by the "Ambassadoi s.' a group of younger state executives and employees. The Governor ts expected to attend. No definite statement as to the amount of the deficit incurred by the Chandler Senatorial CHARLES SIIKI'Altn. Mt. Sterling (Special i Charles Shepard, 37. farmer, who was seri-i ously injured in an automobile: wreck in Bath County five daws' ago, died at his home near Jeffer G.O.P. HEADS Nanif C;iniuii?ii Cliiiirniaii lor I! nol (' nn f Three acjincics Arc Tilled In Precincts. the appointment from their list of five names. "There is no use of going to the expense of a trial in this case, if there is any way of settling it out side, commented Judge Ardery. BOND ISSUE FAILS IN L0VELAND VOTING INVESTIGATION Of Chain liroadcasling Slaled 15) Federal Board Hearings To Ite Begun October 24. 'srr.'Ui. ni-riiffl 10 ihk f..j(ii:kr. A bond issue of $88,000 for building a new grade and high school "It doesn't appear there is anvl'n ,ne Loveland School District was chance of them getting together," defeated in an election yesterday !li!d 5- KtBn?"- at'0,"',y for 'according to an unofficial tabula- !n- lu-nnmii-y ooiun ann wooney ,. ... . ; plaintiffs. ,tion of the votes by Judson E. "Well, anyway, I'll pass it fnr a sprinkle, Superintendent of Schools, week," Judge Ardery replied. "May- The vote was 474 for the issue, 337 bVhVy,-a,nhndH Way . , ,aRainst il- A majority of 65 per The state board named McKinley j from a list of names sent it was "pessary for approval. Washington, September 20 (AP) The Federal Communications Commission announced today a comprehensive investigation of "chain or network broadcasting, monopoly in the broadcasting industry and related matters." Frank R. McNinch, chairman, said public hearings would be begun October 24. All "persons and organizations desiring to do so will be permitted to offer evidence, ' McNinch said. "The three so-called national networks, NBC, CBS and Mutual, as well as some 15 regional networks, have been directed to appear and present evidence covering their corporate and financial history, all phases of network including a ijUMmiiniifaMnaawSi Art iM -J E. T. Ill Hl.EY. E. T. Hurley, Cincinnati etcher, will give a talk in commemoration of Cincinnati's Sesquicentennial tonight at the quarterly meeting of the Xavicr University Alumni Association in the Biology Building on the Avondale campus. The meeting will begin at 8 o'clock. Hurley, who is a Xavier alumnus and a member of the Alumni Board of Governors, will illustrate his talk with some of his etchings showing Cincinnati landmarks. New members of the university faculty are to be guests of honor at the meeting, which will be presided over by Arthur J. Conway, Alumni President. The new faculty mpmhprs to attend will inrlude Rev. John J. Kensnn. 8. J. . Dean ot the foilese of Arts; Kev Kreilenck J -Meyer, fc. J., urofessor 01 rhilosnoh : Kev. Owen J. KniUum, s. J.. professor of his- toly: Rev. Io A. Hoiiue. S. J.. piotessoi of relltzion: Rev. John K. M:ihone, S. .1.. atuilent counselor; Kev. r.dwHrrt J. Bracken, S J., Kiev Hal! director; Rev. KHuin J. Vnllmaycr. S. J., fuipenntenrlenl of Krnunrts and ntiiMmLrs ; lienrv K. Bii ken- hauer. P. J . mathematics Instructor: Frederick Ci. Mnt'lemlorl. S J., hmlopy in stiuctnr; Richard K. Tifchter, S. J. Knu- llsh instructor, and Or. H. J. Oushmi;. accountins professor. Others to speak at the meeting; are Coach Clem Crowe, who will! discuss the forthcoming football' season, and Rev. Paul J. Sweeney.; S. J., Moderator of the Alumni As sociation. PRISONER Escapes Emm IE 11 s W"Iin Reins Mined To ( lurk Coiinly .Inil From Handcuff. Willi Finored .Maroons, Coach Of (ieoisclown Team Works On Forward Pass Defense. SI ECU!. MSrr'H TO THE K N Q t I R K B. Georgetown, Ky., September 21 Coaches Bob Evnns and Raymond Miller eent the Georgetown College Tigers through their last haid workout of the week here today in preparation for their season's opener Friday afternoon against the Eastern Kentucky Teachers at R.chmond. Evans slated after Ihe drill that, hia squad was in K""d shape and he expected it to make a good showing against the favored Maroons. Especial attention today waa paid to forward pass defense as Eastern is reported to have a strong aerial attack. The Tigers were pitted against the husky yearling aggregation in a foi ty-five-minin e scrimmage, wilh both sides tossing many passe. Evans as yet has not developed an outstanding passer and it is probable that three or fout men will share the hurling duties. The Georgetown coach still is undecided upon his starting line-up and probably will not make a definite decision until Thursday or Friday. Although there are 11 letter-men on the squad, several of the sophomores have been -showing up so well in the early season woik-outs that it would be no surprise to Georgetown followers to see three or four of them in the line-up when the team takes the field against Eastern Friday. Neighbors In Court; Feud Five Years Old Becomes Legal Fight srr.i i.w. rusi'AT' H in thi; i.m.o ii.rn. I Portsmouth, Ohio, September 20 I A neighbor's quarrel that has been going on for nt least five years, officials said, reached Municipal Court again today. With Homer Micklethwaite presiding as Special Judge, evidence was heard in three cases growing out of the quarrel, but final disposition of the actions was postponed unil a date that will he convenient to the Judge and attorneys. Mr. and Mrs. Jess Belfnrd were ariai;ned on charge sof assault preferred by Mrs. Mary Jane See. Mrs. Pee. John See, Edna Marcum, and Denver Parsley were arraigned on charge of assault ing Jess Eel-ford. John See is the husband of

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