Peter Klein lynching

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Peter Klein lynching - d import lu-deed. lu-deed. at At tho it of the...
d import lu-deed. lu-deed. at At tho it of the He He The of i., of was the oi his en- It at la- a Tfc TLyacfaera trill t tTpfteld; XotwirK tawaiisar. tae-fiai tae-fiai tae-fiai mtm jiaH Pal a teat Cards a ta Sbjel, A few old msids of the male sex are decla'mS maudlin sentiment now over the just faie of th tet Peter Klein. Tbey mttke it Convenient to w claim when it ia too hue to do the (tarul aay r,Jt atid thereby proclaim Ur owu toeawue whlvT" gratuitous. They my have bd cause ij pioa-i pioa-i pioa-i J"' him before hia death, aad thy night then fJV done bim good, Bu. they hadn't the courage in! it in the Jaee cf tha ngliuwus liiu.-n,! liiu.-n,! liiu.-n,! poesesaing tbe nobler portion ..f oar people. Thi ra-rsutis ra-rsutis ra-rsutis ioncet or depreciate ti:e awful, lrrepant outrage upou the he:p:ee, pure female, aim 1.: tbe perpetrator coorewd twiw expiictiy .Tt many times by bnplicaiion, his tiua-.y tiua-.y tiua-.y excuseiri- excuseiri- KUllL 1 ucj lorgei. soo, lew u . Uoti.;iJe Lni formulated popular aenuaint. said . .:. suflered tne deoth ptecr 1X1 the -apt -apt LaiiEua.-M LaiiEua.-M LaiiEua.-M nlr..7T.? Klein only by law. In "History is full of evidence sustaining the r in' la tbe sight of God and humanity, of the peou Vi , rebel against the environing fcrciimatauosa. at even lw. mat, out of iu hiciheiencyrot!,. crime and deieata josUew. It ia true the thlwl may seem revolutionary, but tho h isiory . ,1 world itself bears us out in lu No law or flaw no Government or system of Goveniuients hai'sver been mad by bumaii . bauds thai tiouary measures Save strewn I"1""" " . --J", --J", --J", ann revolu. in tnelr wake nn,h of tne greaie-t greaie-t greaie-t good and truest hapuineu i HiMnilT .iilnr, " lu The meu men In tbe true sense of the word who extent the be heats of ice good people of t-i t-i t-i county, and inflicted Uie sentence of ths law ni! Uie confessed and eouvicted cnuinat, netd u.'i! ft-ar ft-ar ft-ar these male ola maids aiiei Uia lacL Ttl Same healthy pnblte eentiment that avenge! ui pHir worn an will amply uphold aud fully pro'eiJ Ui Urav liistrumunu of that eiii:eauc. SOS K IVIEKESTIXiI CAUUa. Tb Editor of the tuvuirer: borne persons setui to be terribly worried sbont the recent ly nob inc. as though a ereat wrone b,d been committed on society. We hope that is. ooinxuutty will look at tt differently. True m. ib-law ib-law ib-law is bad, but there ar times when it gives a healthy tone to acn-tety. acn-tety. acn-tety. hat would Uie people ,4 Caiiforuia have to 1M7 sritiH.ut Juihie Lyiieli's votari.? The people are begiuulcg to get tireu q technicalities by which prisone-s prisone-s prisone-s are let i.fl'by rtih. bmgued lawyers arynmeurs. Take the la-t la-t la-t se-aiua se-aiua se-aiua of the Campbell Cniuioal Court. The i'msecuiins Attorney M said to bare ramarki-rl ramarki-rl ramarki-rl 11, nr "m. 1. . doors had better be unlocked and all the pnsem-i pnsem-i pnsem-i let go." Tbe J adge discharged tbe jury because uf n many acquittals skiu teetimouy was strong aium them. 1, it not a tact that some person is buv hunting up a job to prosecu te, or, iu other wjicij. U squeese a fee out of theia? This community . diirwi the acuoa of lastfuuda;- lastfuuda;- evauiug by a uuvs majority. 1 he bulk of the Individuals in theciwvl to witness the affair was composed of some of ths tt ciuseos of Newport 1 hey wera giaiidfaUxii, fmhers. nuvbsiuls sons and molheis uf some el tLa best people in Campbell Couuty. Let those wba are taitr.g so much about the affair meditate, ami Utkc the matter Home, beymour, lad., baa beoiam much ioiprovvd slue the Renos quit by the aij ut a Commiitce. A Hcsoso. To the Editor of t fie Fncutrcr: Being asked by uea.-.y uea.-.y uea.-.y every body I meet If I whs at the banging of Peter Klein, I tell them on sr.. count of sickne-a sickne-a sickne-a in my family I could not aticmi, but I signed if t a suhsenpuou list for hi, rrs,i aud idcuuhcalion beyoud a doubt," wldch usa done. I am ready and wiling to pay the moner and will do it again for all such villains Until w ridthecoaaty ot them. I nave yet to meet tbs first mail, oa either sido ui Itm nvw woo aiKs not nearuiy luuors their actu.n under Ihe circumstances; and the gent-nU gent-nU gent-nU ih in Cincinnati is that there .a not a lew meu Of the same kind tiiera to u-rva u-rva u-rva amm. ,trMla iifiw In fl,i- fl,i- 1.11 ..ff K . . .. . v:...l 1. - eay. iaix snout law and order, and law-abidmt law-abidmt law-abidmt citiaeDs. wben it is so uncertain whether tbey eill ever meet their just dues. No. fellow eitiseua ben your hemes nre in danirer of beinir ti. .!.. i as ihe little home of Mrs. Truesdell tu, it is lime lo wake no. as Huh lands did. and will da av,.i under aimilar circuiastalices. My candid opiumn is that any one who will In any way take the s de of Klein UlS rsnts. di-aai di-aai di-aai sea tl.enu.FiHmi.mni.j all good citizena aa mvsx baa w. Tb Klela Utstlsg. Tbe Criminal Court now in session at Alexandria will no doubt take some a. Uou in retard to the Klein matter. Judire Bovd haa ehannxi thfiT. Jury now in aesiou to invest gate tlie sutler, snd last nigni suupumas ior a number oi cuiaeiis arrived arrived to asreruiin what knowledge tbey bad of tne allair. It la the reoeral ooluion ihonuh that an! b sard to find a man wbo wui be brave euouch to be an informant of the proceeding. lira Truesdell. since the mau has teen bung Is gradually inipmvinc. and was yesterday removed to her father's resilience, back ot Dayton, Ky. mi suiu a aissioa or nlki. Tbe night Klein waa irhihI TWmt SherltT vthite aud Chief ef Police Cot-ungham Cot-ungham Cot-ungham got ia a bugry aod starved to tha Highlands to get tii ciuseos of Uiat place to promise them that Klein would be allowed to be taken to Mra. Trueadeli's residence and identified snd then taken back to Mew-port. Mew-port. Mew-port. On their return their huecv Lh-,.l Lh-,.l Lh-,.l dowa and " the borse ran off. throwlmr the occupants heavilv to tha emnnd Ym,, the tauMi two otheers went out to '6qulr Jolly's residertue ui tbe iillilajids and asked where it was that Klein bad been hunir. siatmir that ih...- ih...- wished to see the place. 'Squire Jolly told lhin that it waa at Uie exact spot u here their buggy had broken down. The officers m nu t,i tha niar. found It to be the precise place where Kleiu hr.d been bung. This was at two o'clock Sortdsy marri ng. Al Bine o'clock tlie same nivht the man sviunt' off. This certainly is an incidsut eouuevled with the case, anyhow.

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 19 Mar 1879, Wed,
  3. Page 2

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