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 - ; TE1I) ES?, unionists., Their Entertainment at...
; TE1I) ES?, unionists., Their Entertainment at Mualo Hail A lam lMst:tlis-i K.ifjif rrsrri&Bi ;, ASd b SUrrlng Ipeech by Hon. Che. if l- B. Idtchmaa. - " The eatcrtamsscnt glvea by the Combined Trader TJn tons at SI Okie Hall last evening was largely attended. , Tbe majority ot thc seat In the auditorium wsr occupied, and a fair number of those in th balcony. The larger portldft of thd audtene were ot the male sex. The ladle were, however, fairly represented. After the orchestra had rcadered severs select cms la moat excellent style Mr. Traphsgen was introduced And read ft edrt-maateatiea which Bad ba reueited from Mr. Halt Lead, of th Commercial. nd 1A Which wa a large amount of taffy.' Th writer, who has, as is well known, beea opposed to Unions sad organised labor, endeavored in his letter to give himself snd paper A free puff tending to show not. only his own greatness, but the superiority of his sheet. Tb programme for tbe even lag' enlertaloaneat wss ss follows. and waa well rendered : TO Atnptues Aeziett t Cbdie VeleeflcAs neeiuttiuaw J. r IlanerB C'hSrles It- i.itcbmas Addrem . Lassie Mo.u. .. . wiitit laewlg I se Adrian Qalnieu. la ts4r sriglsal acetch, endued Moiic Mad. - . Ol BnlllJ. .... , Jobs nalsh rrorejwxr tnnimmttr aane - un H 1I Frofeiisur ' -T r - i Si""" Proteuor Gliaere .kHH SKI Ciseinsaii Clieecloh Bartfes. Vv. Harttev.W. f iecae, Kt-ekKielsef, J. iisidt, w. Ataxdiey, a. ASBl. F. Brllltnerer. Sprii)4 Address le IS O sHstors.Ien Block TheCbUa iUM,UiLi Luis iiiiisr, ia Pleasing Jeinrtiii FanLJll J. a MCsles MasaM'in bis remarks on tbe Chinese and labor aUBStionA sooke SS follow L.APIEB AID UtmSMC ABB FALLOW- WoaxiHOMSM i It has been my proud plensiirc to meet witn tbe worklnaruen of tbe country Sod to laks basdreds, sye tuoasands, of them by the hand, but I know Of ue snore pleasurable occasion than that ot - to-uifbt. My friend Traphacen. When h referred td me apoke of me as a elioc-maker. . I beg leave to correct Diaa:aiemenw ine laoor-aaving machine that have been invented so divide thc Inbor in tbe manuiscture of skoes Uiat it now lakes alxiv.fonr men lo luaka ashoesu Mr. Traphacen )osi missed it by aLxty-tbree saen. as a am omy a sixty-iourtn psrtoiaauoc-maker. . ... Our country, with its fifty millions of pco- nle it areat river channels of commerce, ss well as us extended railroad systems, 1 bnt upon tb eatrssse of ItaesraCr. We find one man flaunting in tbe faees of th people 64T),ouu at btaown private ptrrsevsnd con trolling five great rallroada running from uie east is tns wss. wtroufiinrwr iresusn. and. in 1812. we asaln entered a war, abd showed conclusively tbst oar flag wss the banner . of tbe free. To-day. . however, we have a government of corporations and monopolies. Uo te .your own capital. and you will flnd fha what I amy is correct; ana as ine naiiomu vapitai you will aiaoohd tne asms state existisg. Personally, I have nothing against Mr- Ciouid or Mr. Vsoserbilt, but do net believe ia pay ing tribute to any Kings, either railroad or Other. There arc three thing a man must have By some means s aheiter, food and raiment. Must I work, t obtain these, from the time I am able until 1 go to my long snd last home and leave no legacy to my children except a life of toil and etruggle with thc world? - - The laboring class Is three-quarter of the population oi tna giose a ney are not only prudaeerst oat also, ia a l it proportion, consumer. A wall comes from the Working people of thc PaeiHe Coast that w. iiaml fav tnem end heln thsfu. There are in Han FradMsco eight thonsand eiaht hundred cigar-makers, aad a large nanaber of the Celestiala who are engaged In tbe manufacture of shoe end various other ear ploy meats, to which the number Of Amer leans enaased In the asms work is compara tively small. Put Chinese shoe-mskers to ths Bomber of on thousand seven hundred in Cincinnati, and Music Hall would not near bold tu indlanant workinamen of In city, and so would It be If th Sam waa SOUS in sny of the Ka4tern etUes. 1 believe in liberty to : all irreepeetivs of nationality or reliston; but the Chines are, although indus trious, mere psrssite coming - to tni country, getting sll they esn snd carry in it It toll borne with them, not evea Isaviag their bones te enrich our soil. The Irishman come to oar eoabtry And la a few ran rule ail our eitie. The Korltsh- man. the Russian and Italians come tot his country and Identify themselves with oar interests. They do not com s slaves, as do th Chinese coolie labor. The last eenso gives na a populaiionaf ten mlllioaeof worklngmen. who, if they received oat ss -per aay eacn. would have received tMJttAJOOO ner day. Which tbey would have to invest aa eoasumere Wo arc told by the New "York .World that the American worklngmen most be satisfied to live ss do their brothers serosa tbe see The worklngmen have Bright to be a I soon -tented. Discontent tt was tbat bsa bound Eutntx snd America with the cable aad b caused man v otber Important and trrll- knows Improvements and dlsroveriee' I do Dot believe that when tbe New York papers sav tbst the veto of the cm bee Bin or pit-si dent Arthur represents tb opinion of -lb people or at any rate th working class. Lbs tbe travb is . told. 1 believe In an honest dTl vita for an ho uaya work, but that no man should receive either more or lea than he earns, er that children shoold be pat at a man work at then the men are forced either to work st ths wasas of a child or turn tramp. Equal pay for equal work, whether done by man or woman, ia my motto. And I hope tbat the worklngmen of Cincinnati win sanereetoseiy to and eopoort each otber at any and all time by demanding and receiving what firstly and honestly belong to tbem, and never giv up to capltamta or monopolies. A-caca.

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 13 Apr 1882, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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