16 Dec 1893 Sat. Cinti Enquirer Lady Mary property

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16 Dec 1893 Sat.
Cinti Enquirer
Lady Mary property - ALTERED Was a Legal Document, Declares th...
ALTERED Was a Legal Document, Declares th Gairflian f "Udj Mary" Francis. Sait To Be Brought Against Gabriel Dirr ' c T Compel an Accnnntin' Fr Orer Twelre Years. Deed Produced Is Alleged To Have Been Grossly Tampered With. One of the startling allegations that will be made ln a sensational petition that will this morning be filed ln the Probate Court is that a deed to certain property in thiscity bas been altered and a fraudulent entry made In the County Recorder' offlne. The defendant to tbe suit will he Gabriel Dirr, of Cummincrnie, the real estate dealer and a recent candidate for. Magistrate on the Derrfbcratic county ticket. Tbe plaintiff will be Philip Isrnner, guard ian for "Lady Mary" Crancis, a noted charac terofSOyeara ago. now an inmate of Long- view Asylum. The suit is to compel him to reuder an ac counting of the estate of tbe woman since 1S1, at which time he began to act as a col lector of rent for the " Francis woman, then known as Mrs. John Eads. She waa tbe ow n er of three lots in the Mohawk subdivision, on Browne street, and oue near Laugland street. Cummlnsville. In a couple ot these she had but a life Interest, and at her death they will revert to the heirs of the persen from whom tht-y were purchased Surrounding the suit are circumstances that render It by far One of the tnuat interesting of incidents in a lepal XD COWMIRCTAI, WAT, "Lady Mary was. a noted virago, and tbe records of the work-house show Innumerable commitments because of her wild and" eerie capers, hi he was the terror of the residents of the village, and the police had a hearty and wholesome respect for her. It was thought her vlclousnes was due to a love for strong drink, but when, in 1HX3, she was declared In sane and removed to Longview Asylum, those who knew her realized thcirmlstake. She had been married In the seventies to John Eurts. but he left her after a brief period, and In 1SS2 or 1S83 procured a divorce. In 18H1 Vincent He, who died last year. and who wa at one time a member ot the Board of Education, opened negotiations for the purchase of one of the lots on Browne street to be used a residence property. It is situated st Xo. 1 Browne street, and Mr. Hess' family still live there. Mr. Dorr acted as the agent of Mrs. Eads. A deed was drawn up, the purchase price being $1,000. It was signed by Mrs. Eads. but, as I now alleged. not by her husband. At that time it wa necessary for both marital partners to sign instrument of this character in order to make them valid and binding. The transaction was never completed, how ever, although it Is said Mr. Hwi repeatedly tried to bring about such an end. Mr. Dorr, as collector of rents, made number ot ex planations, which had the effect of delaying the consummation or thi rrrAL. Afterward Mrs. Eads was divorced and re- Stored to her maiden name ef Francis. When she was committed to Longview Asylum no guardian wa appointed to take charge of lirff estate. Mr. Dirr still continued to collect tbe rent during all ot these yean. Last year Mr. Hes paired away. HU family, being still de sirous of closing up th deal, consulted their attorney, Mr. Kenner. Upon the discover of the peculiar status of the property, that gentleman, on the 14th of Vov.mbcr, was made guardian of "Lady Mary," and at once de-manned an rtccountingof rent from Mr. Dirr. It did not come aud legal proceedings were threatened. On November 27 Mr. Dirr fame to County Recorder tieorpa Holiwon's ofhre and left a deed for recoid. It wna filed at 6 p. m., Ihe written acroes 'he face waa t publish." The dt-ed pur- n,,rff1 t,i Im tlie transfer or Hi. three Rmwne- ?ireet lots and the oue in Cummlnsville tn Sophia Lang for the lump sum of Sr.j.liia I.ai'g, It wa. loartied, was Mr. Dirr's bister, and theduieof sale ln tbe instrument was octooer as. i.si . It was jointly slimed by Mrs. Bads and her husband and witnessed hy Gabriel and Katie flirr. The document seemed tu entlrelv m loe ut the interest of the lunatic and somewhat STAMOEKKD THI ATTOBSST. Pnselnn was secured of the nanep for ver ification of the record. If wa then subjected, so it is asserted, by Mr. Kenner to a scries of tests and phouigraphed. following this the document was placed in a safe spot and it possession reiusvu to ;r. ifirr. j ne sraietneni in made that the deed is the same paper drawn fur Yiucfiii HS4- whine nanie baa heen de ciphered in two place. The-figures fl.") nave also oeen parity .raacu aiiu tue eu.so written in. . . . A statement has neen seen red from Eads, wiiu lives on Pur.lar atreet. that he sianed Li and not iu as it atPfcrs on the line he- low that of his wife. Ibis would, if true, in nam l? iu i uc iiiaii uiucii 1 1 1 uvr iat , validate the di-oii. rrtun'ii t ioe, nuaina-ture was retuklle. IiiIsh.1 she wa-a finle Ionian again, win iiier.aiier neram. a ui:ii:ii- Lads' sianature now i of no talue. as he bad no inte'vat tn the estate. A demand for a settlement having b-n ixnored a-, late ..ctrdav. the ttiuou will be drawn and u re sented to th court rum norwrso. One of the allegations also Is that the de. w rlption of two Browne street lot and the Cumtnitisville panel have been written after the nrst fle riijid lot, appearing lua tJinnient ini:. 't'lifl amount involwd iiiuv reuch fe.).(ioo- One of the Ktrang. points la that the property Iiasaiwcys wu in .visa rraix is name ail oi these twelve years, and tnat Mr. Dirr has re-rientedlv nronii-ed to ronmtete the transac tion iwgun by Mr. Herd. Mr. Dirr Is one of llieotd$t citizens oi t-iiminnisvt:ie. nas oeen in the Ltffi-laiure. was Vice-Pre-ihlent of the l'i:y Council, and at one time was prominent in fienuhlican Poiuli il circles. The bringing t;f tbts suit will create profound interest In the Twetitv-fifth Ward, where all rarticj are so well known. Mr. Dirr proposes tu make a strong ilsleiiMi, and decu.ro that be will tUin tue validity ox me uceu.

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  • 16 Dec 1893 Sat. Cinti Enquirer Lady Mary property

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