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 - THE- and f think H srtll be rortheosnlac. the...
THE- and f think H srtll be rortheosnlac. the deal haa beea atada. anticipate great Improvements la facilities. We aeed these. At the company is paying out I 123. one and a year for fartllrisc la this dir." or scarsuaao at it. T. Perkins, wee has Interested to the affaire ef the CladaneU to a greater exteat than is generally to railroad matters by a basl-aees basl-aees expressed but lit tie surprise at ef Use contest of so long standing- says: ', deal waa concluded in New between Mr. Samuel Spencer, J. p. Morgan A Co York bankers, and Mr. H. A. Taylor Mr. It. D. Woodford, represent tng and D. party. The C, H. and D. held the majority of the extension which are secured by a deposit of of the stock of the Alabama Southern Road. The contest haa the possession of the Ala hams Southern,' the connecting link be the Cincinnati Southern and the system, which gives arc ess to the Southwest. As far aa Cincinnati it looks aa though thesw parties will undertake to fulfill the the Cincinnati Southern." move will be of great value to the Cincinnati." added Mr. Perkins. that the parties will want an extension the lease or buy the controlling Just as soon as they possibly can. necessary to Justify them In making expenditure In the Improvement of I think, too, that the effect of Is to place Cincinnati in a better In reward to Itayoed.. This arrange ocen tooaea tor oy me ior soms and I can express only the great-eat great-eat upon learning of its con While the arrangement Is greatly benefit of the people whohave millions dollars involved. It Is aiao greatly intereat of the city of Cincinnati. ' OKI Or THRU THISOS. are now Just three things that the Railway has before it; three ways they can proceed, now that they the matter. First, there may termination of the receivership of ths New Orleana and Texas Pacific not think will come Immediately. there would have to be an agreement a settlement of the case that arose Doughty overissue of stock, upon receivership was grant!, ana likely to be obtained, in the sec the company can advance money payment or the rental, so as to keep uo for the remaining 11 Tears In hands, and in the meantime seek renewal. In the third case the company default in payment. It will take to fight the case In Court, end can use this and the evidence up as indicative of the fart road is not worth the capital that an income or Il.ij,'J. ri version or business. Thomas Morrison said: "I would had the Southern Railway get outright. As It now Is that will have hut a half Interest In o. and T. P., and It Is no more to suppose that they will business over Hues in whlcn they interested. They hae the New Alnany and t hlc&go ana .Southern to curry traffic It will be very convenient to une Instead of the Cincinnati south course, we do not know u yet arrangetnenta have been made, may have a great deal to do with conditions." Hlnkle I think that the com between the Southern Hallway and the Cincinnati. Hamilton Is likely to prove a good thing it mages a compact between great lines, and the C. M. and I. likely to see to It that business diverted to the Atlantic seaboard we don't get any the worst of It. that Cincinnati built to the South be a great property, and It ts a congratulation that K la to be managed and controlled by Interests will favor the Queen City at all Charles P. Taft I have not as vet the terms of the agreement the Southern Railway Company Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton, see why It will not be a good this city. Certainly It woul l be mat outsWe Interests should control, and the C. H. and probably knew what i hev w.n. no one can accuse them of ever to Cincinnati. I believe the Is the best for all concerned be productive of gratifying results. BEST THAT COITLU BE HONK. Sin ton I really have not given any to the matter, but it strikes me. i know, that the agreement is that could be mads under the cir although It la possible thst I my mind after I become better e-very e-very uncinnaiun ought to be for and our Southern trari nmrhi Jt-alously guarded and cared for. of the Iemorratlc "Big Forty" to hear that Cincinnati will come rbrht in this matter, and that the Is such a favorable one. If the Railway Company will only give a fair show we will more than own and get a bigger Southern ever before. Edwards. General Paasena-er Paasena-er Paasena-er As-ent As-ent As-ent Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton engineered the .. It. and D. the Southern Railroad Company the Alabama Legislature, aays: favorable traffic arrangements will follow, between the Southern tympany and the C. II. and D. Cincinnati Southern, and It innk. though the arrangement would be benefit to both companies, and of Deneui to tne trade or Cincinnati." W. W. Peabodv. Vlo PtmIH.m Manager of tha Raltimnre ami Southwestern .Railroad Company, ex- ex- nimseii some weens ago as be lie v-ng v-ng the Southern Railway Comf.anv eventually gain complete control of Southern. Yesterday, when his opinion on thv compromise, his former asaortufn nH mA- mA- the lease runs out the Southern will probably get full control, but long ways anead. and the present atrlkea me aa a. iMriipni... for all concerned. Jreene. t.eneral Manager of the Hamilton and . I uvinn Is practically an extension of the Railway Company to Toledo and via nncinnatl. and an extension the C H. and D. to all points by the Southern Railway. I certainly consider it a very good thing for OVERDOSE Causes tne Death of Mrs. George Ionard, & Profes-sionaTNuTse, Profes-sionaTNuTse, Profes-sionaTNuTse, George Leonard, of 418 West Seventh died at 8:45 yesterday morning effects of an overdose of morphine. was 111 Saturday night, and retired was suffering Intense pain. unable to sleep she requested Maggie a girl who lives in the same get her some morphia to ease her McCarthy girl got the opiate, Leonard took a large dose of it. to rest easy for a tune, and left alone. Finally Mrs. Leonard McCarthy girl to her room again for another dose of the narcotic given her, and she went to sleep Mrs. Leonard began to suffer Dra. Cleveland and Carey were At a giance me pnysicians saw woman was suffering from morphia Antidotes and the stomach used, but the patient died at the Mrs. Leonard was a profession ana naa oeen in ine employ of LfT. Mitchell. feature of the case, which has suspicion in -the -the mind of the Coroner, the followlno- followlno- nntm hili VI rave Miss McCarthy -to -to take to Otis & Co.. where the morphine AIMED By ArchWshop Elder. Three Hundred Children Con firmed at St Xarier's. While 0m Two Hundred Seeeire , Their First Commmioi Im-prenire Im-prenire Im-prenire Ceremonies. Archbishop Elder confirmed over 0f chil dren la St. Xavler's Churoh yesterday aft ernoon. The impressive scene waa wit eased by nearly 2.000 people, the sacred place being filled to lta utmost capacity. while hundreds stood oa the sidewalk waiting waiting to aee the children come out. The chil dren ranged la age from 11 to 14 years. The little girls ptesuutsj a beautiful sight, ail being attired alike la pretty white dresses and long white veils which rsircled them. The boys were dreamed In new dark clothes. and each wore a bread white scarf. The vesper services began at- at- S o'clock p. m. Rev. Father Brady being the celebrant. celebrant. Archbishop -Elder -Elder then addressed the children, advaiag them to lead good and upright lives. The confirmation cere monies began at 4 o'clock. The children were confirmed Masxt a time, half being boys and half girls. They marched -forward -forward and kneeled in a row before tha altar railing. Each child had a card la its hand, oa which its name was written. As eaon gave hia or her card to Rev. Father Burrowes.. the rector of the church, the Arctablsbop anointed the little one twice wtth chrism oil from a saucer held by a pries, accompanying the ceremony ceremony with a short prayer. H( began at the north atda and anointed 'each child In succession. Ha waa followed by Rev. Fath er Brady and two other priests. Rev. Brady wiped off the ointment from each child with a niece of cotton, which was handed him by one of the priests, and after using It he gave It to the other priest and got a fresh piece. It took over aa hour to anoint all the ohllOren, and during the ceremony there was singing by tha choir. accompanied by musto from tha grand or gan, played by Prof. Boear. A lady and gentleman stood behind each child while it was being anointed. They are called the sponsors of the child. The services ciosea with tne benediction or tbe blessed sacraments by Rev. Father Burrowes. Burrowes. At 7 . o'clock In the mornlnr over children from the St. Xavier Parochial school received their first communion In the church. Ttrey marched from the school to the church, escorted by the Knights of Loyola and a drum corns. Thre. of tha children made consecration addreasea. Mas ter John MacJilln renewed his baptismal promises. Miss Lixxle Reynolds consecrated herself to the Bleaaed V lrtnn. and Master James Moorman consecrated himself to St. Joseph, the patron saint of the day. While nese mree cnuuren stood on tne altar tney were surrounded bv the other 2411 children. ail in white, representing little angels. Beautiful music was rendered by the children's children's chorus uf l. voices, the tenor solo oy Aiaater rJilwwrd Uurk being exceptionally exceptionally goodi Rev. Father Murphy said tbe lass. The ointment with which Archhlshoo Elder anointed the children was especially especially blessed for that nuriioae on Holv Thurs day. Following were those confirmed: Hoys B. Ullllran. Jos. Lelrht. Prank Tralr. Clarence Meyer. ' Wluhom. Chaa. ticbneider. iwauMr. Bernard Bhenal, J "tin lletn. Harr Dwyre. Waa. K. J-m. J-m. J-m. thu-rer. thu-rer. thu-rer. Thus. Puw.ra. I'M. Jacobs. Howard Wyane. l asuar Hirsute. John Mi-NuHy. Mi-NuHy. Mi-NuHy. Frank Lebnca, Jauca Hecker. Harry Kylmure. 8 llerejrr-u. llerejrr-u. llerejrr-u. t'haa. ilrOrath. -ha. -ha. Hruwa. Thee, Manion. . Obermsyer. Thus. Mack. John Mel artery. uell. (Has. Kuoineech.Uuuls Miachler. Harry Cupmaa. Robert W Hrtan. Jai. Mauer. J'.ha Kolh. H. Ixrppert. FVIIx Lnaer. Frank Ktaley. Josevh tiers. Ueorge buff. V lillatunoo. Rllterauui Hnuita. FreJeric. faaally. farroll. Huilth. Kwerney. Owens. Murray. Murphy. Chuck. Mackiin. Menace. Von.lrheytte. Waters. Kales. Welner. Iiuiloecke. Wtlging. h'luuinon. Oelschleger. B. Hkrkey. W. Wllllaoia. Henry Kerry. T. McOeogheg'n. Jos. Kelly. A. Flaherty. , F. Kucelter. J. Diet.rltn. Jos. Devlns. Lanipert. Mealy. Meade. Tfurvk. Ljulrtgaa. T'.ilf-y. T'.ilf-y. T'.ilf-y. Orout. Fulhrlstit. Schwab. MN.rumn. Pletser. Kennedy. Hleler. lDah.ip. Mitchell. iUDiurf. ixjoavun. FencuBun. Oleakemever. llrehm. I. Bouacaren. Jus. BarteL Jos. Creed. A. Huengler. Oeo. Orr. c McKarland. Edward Fox. John Hushes. J. Gallagher. : M. Mitchell. T. AasifCfttun. . A. Oeers. A. Oately. J. Ikunavon. John Nolan. J. J. -Hiirweitk. -Hiirweitk. A. Laurie, Joa. U'Keefa. A. Kenner. A. Brhy. A. Mark. Jo.. Kegaa. BchreckMinefr. J. Moorman. F. Loftua Jos. lirlsco. A. Spencer. J. Kennedy, el nee. M. Monnahan. Jis. Anker. John lrah Peter Evans. F. Mu.len. Joa. Fotta. A ioyslua Ryan. Jfa. Farley. Wm. Miller. Thomas Neary. George Meyers. Jos. Mugavia. Jerome Fsey. Aloy.lua Ih-ild. Ih-ild. Ih-ild. Aloyalua OgM.ra.Jos. Connelly. Michael lynx. Joe. Jacobs. Chaa. O'Brien. F. Mulroy. Joa. Clark. Jne. Duffy. Thos. A. Burn. Joa. Connelly. haul Ktein. AJOert weous. Oliver I. Lwvul H m. Henriv. J'le. Moallar. A. iiaannun. Vi m. T. Reidy. H. J. Lonehnnt.W. A.barkin. J. J. Shlpmao. Oscar Kenney. ii. B. Ooudricb. H. C. Kriceon. John Wegel. D. L Reed. chaa. Chandler. Joseph Hurry. P. W. Conner. A. J. Klnsella. NIc Slegman. Jos. Fischer. Jaa. Monnahan. J. J. Beckea. J. Hart. ram M. Sartln. J. F. Lmaon. W. J. Fisher. Walter J. Khein. J. Schlewtnaky. Peter J. Becker. Jos. J. Fleming. H- H- P. Kamp. K. H. Fan In. J. F. Doherty. J. O. Walker. J. F. Wagner. Joa. J. Kelsrh. B. O." McMullen.J. J. Wltxelherg.H. J. Carroll. W. F. Keating. D. P. Strassell. W. J. Doherty Win. E. Evans. A. J. Stelgleder. Roger P. Haley. Alcy. Tucker. J. J. Mahoney. Gtrls O. O'ConneH. f. MoMahon. M. Armstrong. M. F. Qleaaoo. Mary Murphy. Cath'n. Bhefer. Catherine Dovle. M. Soilless, M. A. E. liutx. Marl. Sohaa.r. Ella Oar He T. Kervtll. Alice Hotden. M. M. SuMvan. AnnaConnee. Ceth'ln Doraa. Mane A. Bolne. M. R. Herbal roll A. De Haven. Lillian OJeaauo. Jan O'Connor. A. Hansel. M. Mullan. EUs'th Early. L B. Conine. Alice Cray. Rose GaJiu her Clara Haden. Cath'ln Mottoy. Oiarl'te Brunn, J. Holme. Jane Buckley. Mary Cooa-hlln. Cooa-hlln. Cooa-hlln. Adeie MoeaohL FT ace Fusasst. 31ary Gllroy. S. L. Nauirhton. Anna Helm. EUaa. Mangold. Sarah Qulnn. kVlith JuhMoa. Caroline Fix. Anna etephena, L. E. Gulnsa. E. O-Rourke, O-Rourke, O-Rourke, Cam. Ryan Char'tte FaJ too. Rose Murphy. Fraacu Hays. Mary Kleia. Alice LougtulaMar. Early. Har t M Mary Geyea Myra Waal Cecilia Oormanv EUsa. Sparks. Cath. A menu. Louise Muller. Eva Wynne. Mary Murphy. F. Hoi II San. Rose Btaum. M. A. Klbtor. Mary A. Mlllsr. FJIao Flyira. M. Houioay. Mary Levtne. B.M. Oran'neld.Mary Tracer. M. Mat son. M. Sandaourry, Lallan Blea, . Sarah Corn. Emily Fay- Fay- 8. Mitchell. A. J. OrtacoL N. Heimeey. M. P. Murphy. Jan. Daily. Matilda isaian. A Ella. Feely. " aiary Wetcn. Theresa Gtbeoa. Jo. O' Biien. M. McCortnack. Mary Dally. Sarah Delaney. Mary Aull u. uuiuoyi. a. McCarthy. T. Sulllv aa. M. HotsenbUier. Anne Irvine. Mary Mayers, C Smith. Oln Lurke Ada v hal.n. E. O'Toola. . Rully Alice Bryan. Lisaie Cleta. M. Cronia. Mary Daley. Ruth Barnes. E. Clifford. Clara Stork. Anne Green. . Clara RlehL Mary Rohan. M. Boeddeker. A. Werner. Mary Weger. G. Lennon. Agnes Mcatugh. H. Lanahaa. Mary Duffy. E. Evaaa. Helen Martin. H. Donnelly.' af Alice tianger. . C. Hughes. M. Rhodity. Blanch. Butler. M. Farreiu Anna Hogan. E. Williams. narah ttreen, c iruovn. . Anna Crolby. Jane Cbreorsa. Rose McQrath. C O-Learv O-Learv O-Learv B. Duealng. Matilda Feeiey. Agnes Comtskey patella Nichols. Julia Lowen. Mary Murray. Helen Lanrlgaa. Mary Daley. Mary Collins. Mary Hug. Anna O-N.IIL O-N.IIL O-N.IIL C. CBnea Ella. Mitchell Alice Hacerty. Ellx. Keating. Catherine Comer. Mary Reynotda C Theobald. Honor Henry. Jan Cbrcoran. C. Armstrong. C. Gleeson. Mary Radawnd. B. Andrews. J. McNamara. Mary Cash. Helen Butler. Alice Corcoran. C Kennedy. ' Mary Wilcox. Mary Butcher. WARNED Not To Go oa tbe: Kallroad Trestle PROUD, U Capcaisi Devtaa e4 Bat Force) eial tVslse. was ssUroIled bedr o( meav that waa aver awea growada. There waa a aaaad of wader the cemaisnd ef Cagaala wbe baa beea ta police basin eas and nnderexaade has iiaitnm Captain Devhae haa oharga ef Use pottca vrba are dstsflsd oa Walnat Avoadale, Mt. Anbara aad CBf they have saved many residences being burglarised. Last Saturday even lag tha flrst lar Inspeetloa toes place at thetr bead-ouartera oa McMlltaa street. Bear corner. There were 23 men la dries i la haadsema has i blue brase buttona. and a six-pot six-pot six-pot IX ed star on the Wi side of tha coat, aad Nest week 25 additional nusa wtTI tailed for other pleasure resorts company will patrol. Captain De-rme De-rme appointed Sergeant Lots to take the squad at Wooded ale during the SILENT FORCES Which Have Maoh To Do IT Eooeioenlc Froblesn, At tha meeting of the Ohio ciety, last night, a lecture waa General Robert L. Krmberly oa subject. "Silent Forces in tha Economic Problem." In his talk be dealt with tbe the proper distribution of wealth Intellectual and material progress world. He said that tha all ant persons In their own behalf-progress behalf-progress Intellectually and materially were forces in the economlo problem. line of thought he led his hearers variety of subjects, illustrating his In his theory that it was the silent that created and developed the valuable things for tha benefit of the race. - TO-MORROW TO-MORROW TO-MORROW The Contest Will J It Will Then Be Decided Whe Best Barber in CiieiiBtti Send In Year Votes. " "I am willing to make a bet that gentleman who lust went out of here come back." This remark waa made proprietor ol one of the most barber shops in Cincinnati. When explain what"be meant he aald: , "When the gentleman to whom I took his seat to be shaved be said would have to bring his shaving around to my place. I have heard mark many times before, and I never It to fail that the one who made entered my place again. I do not what' la the reason for It, but It Is I am willing to bet that this case out as the others have." After this curious subject had discussed the conversation turned contest which Is to decide who la barber In Cincinnati. Every one be interested In that, and It 'was about for some time. This contest most a week old. and will terminate o'clock to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow evening. At the barber who has received the most will be declared the best in the will be presented by TBI EmqCIRbb the sum of !'". Below la a coupon, to be filled out as directed and sent 'Barber Editor" of Tmb Emquiber. can be held until to-morrosv, to-morrosv, to-morrosv, but be sent In then In order to be counted. rpvn, BARBER'S COUPON. S2500 Is offered to the Barber who voted the Best in the City. Fill out this coupon-and coupon-and coupon-and to the "Barber Editor," Cincinnati, Ohio: I VOTE E'Oia Of- Of- . This 'coupon will appear nntil Tuesday, May 7, and the result will be announced in The r qnirer of the following Sunday. S Von may send your coupons this office each day, or you told and send them all at provided they reach this office 5 later than Tuesday night. May SIclU. .1 fshuvuiruvui tntnjiivunjxnjvuu HUMANE BAZAAR The ladlea of the Humane Bsiasr Norwood gave an Ice-cream Ice-cream Ice-cream fete at Station, which waa a gratifying The grounds- grounds- were beautifully with Chinese lanterns, and the tables cut flowers. The ladles In charge B. C Smith, Mrs. M. E. Trlvett, Snow and Miss Annie Blaae. Mrs. W. a. Betty, Mrs. H. J. Coatee, A. H. Singer, Mrs, Sawyer, Miss Spears. Miss May Trlvett, Miss Graves. Mr. Clifford Trlvett and rung goto. Tuesday evening a lecture will by Mbm E. Strickland, the subject "How Not To Grow Old" at the of Mrs. A. T. Reld. at Aerwood Park. Wednesday evening a mnsicaks given at the reetdenoo of Mrs. J. p. nfahland avenue. South Norwood. muaicaje refreshments wiH be served. admission wiH be 23 cents. Some talent wm pentsripate. Thursday evening tha ladles will rendition of "Mikado" at tha Town Tbe candy booth, which win be by tbe Norwood bsdies. promisee to beet booth at the Humane Basaar. clai meeting: will be held to-morrow to-morrow to-morrow afternoon at cne Episcopal Church, 'ea who svre Interested and .-a .-a .-a to beootno so snouja attend.

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer06 May 1895, MonPage 8

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)06 May 1895, MonPage 8
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