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SELTlOiV FOLK SUIVDAY MORNING SEPTEMBER 25, 1933 SIXTEEN PAGES . j i;.t..-f i;.t..-f i;.t..-f r..irf;u ft V- V- rHi3;l"i- rHi3;l"i- ii ;-As ;-As ;-As i if v Ml fl ?! J i ( ( dt$ TV I , 'Ki A swearing-in swearing-in swearing-in ceremony turned into a family party at the White House when Mr. Reuben B. Robertson Jr., right, became Deputy Secretary of Defense. President Eisenhower greeted Mrs. Robertson and the Robertsons' six children, including George, 1, in Mrs. Robertson's arms; Margaret. 6, in background, and Louisa, 3. x fetfpiPflW Hilfwi lite I - ... id! -jt -jt Mr. Reuben Robertson Jr. and Mrs. Robertson pose on the terrace of the Washington Washington home 'vhich with their family they have occupied since their removal there in mid-August, mid-August, mid-August, after Mr. Robertson assumed the duties of Deputy Secretary cf Defense. Washington's If Yon Have BV MARY GALLAGHER Enquirer Bureau Special WASHINGTON. Sept. 24 Move a lively family of six children children from a Glendale. Ohio, "farm" to the heart of Washing ton's Embassy Row, add a series of "little" parties for 50 persons at a time, plus compulsory attendance attendance at three or four diplomatic diplomatic and military functions a week, and what's the big difference? difference? "It's easier here, I think," said Mrs. Reuben Robertson, attractive attractive brunette wife of the new Deputy Secretary of Defense, Defense, in an interview with The Enquirer. "Not so much chauffeur chauffeur duty for me." Hie Senate confirmed President President Eisenhower's nomination of Mi. Robertson, 47-year-old 47-year-old 47-year-old 47-year-old 47-year-old former former president of Champion Paper Paper & Fibre Co., Hamilton, Ohio, as second-in-command second-in-command second-in-command second-in-command second-in-command of the nation's defense July 21. Less than a month later the family virtually wns settled in their new Washington home, a 5150,000 residence at 2124 Wyoming Wyoming Ave. N. W., which they bought from Senator and Mrs. Robert S. Kerr of Oklahoma. Just now the younger members members of the family George 1H, "Lisa" (for Louisa) 2'i, "March" "March" (for Margaret 6 and Peter 9 are doing their best to keep their parents and the handsome six-bedroom six-bedroom six-bedroom house from being too lonely. Reuben III, whose 16th birthday anniversary is today today (September 24), and Daniel 13 packed up last week and left lor Asheville School for Boys in Asheville, N. C, their lather's native town. The move to Washington from Glendale for the Robertsons was 8 stripped-down stripped-down stripped-down trip. About all they brought with them were clothes, linen, silver, some family family treasures and a few beds. The children helped by giving fiway most of their toy$, but they brought along their bikes and, of course, the bird "Cheap" ("he's from the 5&10" explained explained the children) and "Cokey" "Cokey" (for Coquette), a black French poodle with his leg in a plaster cast. The Robertsons bought the Kerr house completely furnished from Oriental rugs to bric-a-brac bric-a-brac bric-a-brac bric-a-brac bric-a-brac to crystal chandeliers. Mrs. Kerr even saw to It before she left that the two big ice boxes in the huge double kitchen were stockd with milk, vegetables and meat for the incoming family. family. Mr. and Mrs. Robertson were plunged right into the Washington Washington social life, but Mrs. Robert irrfFT -miiiiiii -miiiiiii - n f j Mini f iHUMimimiiin , Hf:!mHitmmmmm'mmmmfmmmmmmmm nigiin jnmani iMiniiwimwwii'iwiiiMi ft 'UA iQulM Mir rw ' Jtv-- Jtv-- Jtv-- 1 ! X i ! j T Ji IX K; v Jfeg. fj$3 c& ; : , f i iMotographed lar.t week in the living loom of tneir home in Ue marl of Washington s Em Massy Row are Deputy lA'creairy Ol ijf.ui...: Reuben Robertson Jr. Mrs. Robertson and four of their children, George, in his mother's lap; Lisa, Mardi and Peter. The French poodle, one of the few possessions which the family took along from its former homo in Glendale, is named Cokey. Like Glcndale Six Youngsters son, the former Margaret Wat-kins Wat-kins Wat-kins of Charleston, S. C, says she thinks it's "too early" to tell just what her "typical" social schedule will be. Last week, which she says she hopes isn't typical, included a reception in the Robertsons' honor by Secretary (of the Army) and Mrs. Wilbur M. Brucker for 330 members of Washington officialdom; the Robertsons' second in a series of "small" cocktail parties they are giving for 50 persons at a time; a dinner party at the New Zealand Zealand Embassy, and another Robertson Robertson party this one for 30 children. The Brucker party introduced them to the capitol's protocol. "We were having a lovely time," Mrs. Robertson explained, "when one of the admirals announced that he was sorry, but protocol or no protocol he couldn't stay any longer. He had children at home. We never realized that everyone was supposed to wait until we had gone." The party which the Robertsons Robertsons liked best was for the children. children. It was on the USS Sequoia, Sequoia, a government-owned government-owned government-owned yacht which is used by defense officials officials for social functions. The children guests, like the family, ranged from age one to fi. They were "piped aboard" for the cruise to George Washington's home at Mount Vernon and saw tha historic Potomac while munching hot dogs and sipping pop. "Nobody fell overboard," said Peter, "but Lisa almost did, twice." This he obviously considered good. Peter's arm is in splints from falling off a jeep in Glendale, Glendale, the same jeep that ran over Cokey's leg. Liza's just over a double fracture of her little "pony-tailed" "pony-tailed" "pony-tailed" skull from falling off the top of a sliding-board, sliding-board, sliding-board, another Ohio accident. They've had only two Washington Washington mishaps so far. George fell through a window and Mardi fell off her bike and scraped her chin. Helping Mrs. Robertson take car of her. active brood is their cook, who came with them from Glendale. "A gardener? Why, that's me," said Mrs. Robertson. Along the fashionable street as we said "goodbye" a neighbor child was announcing: "Lisa's bad. She ate poison berries and went up and opened the door of the house where those cranky people live and she walked right in." Not much different from Glendale. . - ' - V- V- '. - . . i 1;. ' jfj '-"t:;: '-"t:;: '-"t:;: ' . :il ' , r ' , 1 i " , . , , ,tm w-tm w-tm w-tm 11 III II .- .- ..'A. ... A. ' Mrs. Reuben Robertson Jr. helps daughter, Lisa, to a soft drink in the kitchen of their new Washington home at 2424 Wyoming Ave., N. W. which they bought furnished from Sen. and Mrs. Robert S. Kerr of Oklahoma.

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer25 Sep 1955, SunKENTUCKY EDITIONPage 65

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)25 Sep 1955, SunKENTUCKY EDITIONPage 65
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